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What kind of activities are banned during the state of emergency in Georgia?

What kind of activities are banned and when are you fined for violating the state of emergency rules with 3000 GEL? 

  • Going outside from 9 P.M. to 6 A.M.on foot or by any means of transport;

  • Using a front seat of a car or having more than 2 passengers in  a car (Driver is accountable, in case of violation the driver will be fined);

  • Gathering of more than 3 persons in a public place (any place, indoor or outdoor except for private residential places);

  • Not using a face mask while in a closed public place;

  • Organizing or participating in any type of social activities, which includes more than 3 persons (parties, funeral gathering/mass ceremony, etc.)

  • Leaving home for individuals at the age of 70 and older, at any time (except for going to grocery, pharmacy or to get immediate medical service); 

  • Any type of economic activities which is not allowed by the administrative body (for example, opening a store, providing touristic services, etc.);

  • Gathering/assembly/manifestations;

  • Not keeping a safe distance (2 meters) while being in public places (grocery shop, in a line of pharmacy, etc.) or not using face masks in indoor public places.