Tolerance and Diversity Institute

About TDI

The non-governmental organization "Tolerance and Diversity Institute (TDI)" was founded in 2013.

TDI’s goals: Protecting and advocating freedom of religion or belief, protecting the rights of religious and ethnic minorities, overcoming racial discrimination, fostering and supporting equality, civil integration, cultural diversity, tolerance, intercultural dialogue, democratic development, and Euro-Atlantic integration.

TDI’s activities: Protecting freedom of religion or belief and fighting against religious, ethnic, and racial discrimination through strategic litigation and advocacy; monitoring, research and analysis of state policies; working on public awareness and non-formal education to promote tolerance, equality, and diversity; encouraging and advocating positive changes in public education; cooperating with local and international research, academic and human rights organizations and media; strengthening and supporting local religious, ethnic and community organizations.





Mariam Gavtadze, Head of Litigation and                      Ekaterine Chitanava, Director                           Tatiana Akhobadze, Financial Manager




Saba Sutidze, Lawyer                                                   Shota Tutberidze, Lawyer                                      Nino Tetrauli, Project Manager



Manuchar Tsetskhladze, Associate Lawyer                Liaman Mamedova, Project Officer                      Sergi Tkeshelashvili, Project Officer                                                                                                               



                                                                                         Kristine Markozia, Advocacy Program







Beka Mindiashvili, Theologian                                  Mariam Gavtadze, Lawyer                                   Nino Tsintsadze, Philologist



Giga Zedania, Philosopher                                  Zaal Andronikashvili, Literary Scholar                     Ekaterine Chitanava, Social Anthropologist